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Math tutoring

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Math Tutoring

Get personalized tutoring online or in-person by a dedicated professional math tutor for all ages and all math levels. Find greater success in your studies and confidently achieve your best.

SAT & ACT Prep

Affordable SAT/ACT prep taught by experienced experts in a small group format. Learn the best methods for studying to ace the test.

No other form of learning yields better results than one-on-one instruction, and a tutor can play an enormous role in a student’s academic life.

At Russell Mathematics, we teach math in a way that makes sense to your students while helping set them up for academic success.

Our tutors are adaptable to your child’s learning preferences and build a solid mathematics foundation through customized learning plans.

The success of our students is measured by their test scores, grade improvements, and their ability to show our tutors they understand the subject material. Their success means more confidence and better work habits, which is why we do what we do.

Offering live, face-to-face instruction, in-center and online.

Math tutoring

SAT/ACT prep

Learn skills needed to succeed in an academic environment

Improve time management and study skills

Improve academic performance

Learn in a distraction-free environment at your own pace

Customized tutoring sessions to match your student’s learning style
and the math concepts they’re struggling with

What others are saying

math tutoring

Aaron Fitzwater tutoring proved invaluable at helping our son increase his Math SAT test scores. Aaron was very helpful in providing test taking techniques, and helping our son Cameron focus on key study strategies and materials to improve his performance on the tests. Between his first test and last test after Aaron’s tutoring program, our Son’s test score improvement was very significant, and made a key difference in his being gaining an appointment to the US Merchant Marine Academy. We highly recommend Aaron to help any student gain the additional edge on the standardized tests.

Rob and Debbie Rothley
Peachtree City, GA.

“Aaron provided me much needed math help for a couple years in a row. He was good at tutoring according to my learning style. “
Tia S.
Sharpsburg GA

I will NEVER forget Mr. Aaron Fitzwater. After searching and even trying other math tutoring businesses, we found Mr. Fitzwater. I soon realized that God had sent the best tutor to us. He is a “Mathematical Genius.” Aaron is an awesome tutor, and also prepared our daughter for the SAT, which she blew out of the water the first time. If you are a parent that realizes how important mathematics is today, and understands that the knowledge of math is our future, you need Aaron Fitzwater in your child’s life as a math tutor. I promise you, Aaron is the best!

- Rhonda Simpson-Barnes

Aaron has been a valuable resource for my family. I truly don’t know what we would have done without him. He worked with each of my three sons over several years and not only allowed them to excel in school, but helped them achieve extremely high SAT scores. All three sons were able to attend top colleges as a result. They are all enjoying wonderful success as a result of having such a strong foundation that Aaron provided.
Melissa D. Peachtree City, GA

We used Aaron Fitzwater of Russell Mathematics when our daughter was struggling with math and in danger of failing, during middle school and again later in High School. Both times she was able to bring her grades up and keep them up. She also had a much better understanding of math after her tutoring with Aaron. Aaron personalized her tutoring to meet her unique needs and style of learning, something that was greatly lacking in her school classes. We are very thankful for the time aron spend with our daughter and the results she was able to obtain.

Erin Jones, Peachtree City GA

My son Kevin Bennett was a good student in high school. He was interested in math yet found calculus very challenging. We enrolled him in classes with Aaron Fitzwater and found great benefit in the skills that Kevin gained through his studies with Aaron. He achieved higher scores on the SAT, got into his college of choice which led to a graduate assistantship in bio informatics at the graduate level. He is now a fourth-year medical student and through all of this has found that his skills in math have helped him achieve greater goals in his academic life which will soon lead into his new career as an anesthesiologist. Aaron was very attentive to Kevin‘s needs and focused on him gaining the skills that he needed to be successful in his mathematic studies and testing. We were very pleased with the outcome and the service that Aaron offered our son. Investing in his education and future is well worth it. If your child needs help with any math challenges I would highly recommend Aaron Fitzwater for mathematics Tutoring.

Joann Bennett, Peachtree City GA

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Aaron Russell
Peachtree City / Newnan, GA